Teaching is my passion! My teaching methods include Suzuki as well as traditional note-reading methods. I love watching young music-lovers become music performers and composers. I specialize in teaching beginner piano students, ages 4 and up.  My background includes a Master’s degree and 17+ years of experience teaching a variety of subjects and age groups.

Individual and Group Piano Lessons both include sight reading, rhythm practice, music theory, hand coordination, ear-training, and composition. We frequently use games to reinforce learning. Students will build a sense of self-confidence, self-discipline, and self-expression. I recommend group lessons for beginners (<2 years) of all ages.

Monthly Group Piano Classes include learning games, performance practice, and ear-training. Classes focus on various topics throughout the year. These classes exist to support the community of students currently receiving individual weekly lessons. Having a network of musical peers is crucial to student development, and these classes often give students a strong reminder that their efforts will be recognized.

I look forward to teaching you, whether child or adult, about the joy of creating music!

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Fairfax, Fair Oaks, McLean, Vienna, Falls Church, Herndon

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Client Feedback

“My girls started studying the piano with Elizabeth at the ages of 6 and 7.  What I hoped for the most was a teacher who would build in them a love of music.   Elizabeth is able to strike a nice balance between entertaining a child’s musical interests, instilling foundational theory and coaxing a disciplined approach to the instrument.  Most importantly, my girls love music!

It’s clear that Elizabeth has spent quite a bit of time thinking through her teaching methods.  Always professional, always on time….she encouraged creativity and imagination in my girls.  I was surprised and pleased when she encouraged them to compose their own pieces.   She introduced them to technology to help them compose but also reinforced the “old school” method using paper and pencil.  Elizabeth also provided opportunities for performance. Recitals are expertly executed, and she taught my girls to enjoy and anticipate the opportunity to share music with others rather than stress about perfect performance.

My girls have a strong foundation in the piano and have enjoyed every step of the process. I am happy to say that Elizabeth has exceeded every expectation we had for a piano teacher.

~Dr. J~


“Thank you for the incredible work you have been doing with [my children]. You opened doors to the music world for them, encourage them to do their best and teach them to believe their abilities. Thanks for all your patience and dedication! You are the BEST”



“Thank you for your patience with [my son.]  I’m more excited than I probably should be because there are so many things he says he doesn’t like to do so I’m happy that he’s playing the piano.  His silliness is actually a compliment because he likes you (not true for everyone). He’s even happy to leave school early on Wednesdays when I usually struggle to get him home. Thanks for everything you’re doing.”



“I didn’t know there could be piano [practice] without yelling!”